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DC Anti Vibration Solar Power Nuts


Anti Vibration Locking Nut is an innovative two-way self locking nut and designed for excellent performance of never loosening in critical solar power applications.

Unlike nuts with nylon or locking compounds, DC Anti Vibration Nut doesn’t require any additives and won’t come loose under vibrations. Furthermore, they can be reused infinitely. Save on costs!


  • Fast&easy to install&dismantle with common tools.

  • No additives required.

  • Never loose.

  • Reuse.

  • Save maintenance cost.

  • Upgrade product.


  • Don’t need to repeat the purchase every cycle.

  • Don’t need to stop operation due to the loosing out of the nuts.

  • Don’t need to replace nuts every cycle.

  • A minor change in your design, a big upgrade in your product.

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